WESTLIFE stunned viewers with a brilliant debut performance of their brand new song Hello My Love on the Graham Norton Show tonight.

The Irish boyband finally made their return to the stage on the BBC chat show and blew fans away with a stunning showing.

 Westlife put on a rousing display of new hit Hello My Love
Westlife put on a rousing display of new hit Hello My Love

The catchy tune has already proved a massive success - going straight to the top of the UK charts to secure the band's 15th number one.

Speaking after their performance, Nicky Byrne told a hilarious story about meeting Oasis back in the band's younger years.

He said: "Basically we were a young band in 1998 and we just signed a record deal over here [the UK].

"We had flown into London and the label said to us "there's a brand new Tommy Hilfiger store opening, go along and try get papped, try get noticed".

 It was the band's first performance of their new hit
It was the band's first performance of their new hit

"And when we arrived there were superstars, Liz Hurley and Oasis were there and was '98 so What's The Story Morning Glory was out, their biggest album.

"So we thought we had to go over and say hello. So they were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and tipped them on the shoulder.

"Liam turned around and we said "Liam we're Louis' new band, Louis Walsh's new band and he just went "f*** off".

"So we just f****d off."

 The boyband spoke to Graham after their performance
The boyband spoke to Graham after their performance

Following their appearance fans flocked to social media expressing their joy over the lads' performance and interview.

One fan said: "Westlife on graham norton has just made my Friday night"

Another added: "Still shaking 😭 They're actually back!"

While one emotional fan picked out her favourite moment of the performance saying: "You know that bit after the first chorus when Mark started his verse and Nicky, Shane and Kian gave each other a look?

"A look of pure happiness to be back? I nearly f*****g died."

And one fan from India stayed up all night just to watch their comeback gig.

She tweeted: "It's 5am & I'm still tweeting after catching up #HelloMyLove #Westlife live on @TheGNShow !


The foursome debuted their return hit earlier this week with it getting its first airing on 2FM.

The lads then released a short video on social media confirming that the song has been officially released.

In the clip Kian Egan says: “Our brand new single Hello My Love is out right now!”

The catchy song was written and produced by renowned pop hitmakers Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.

Shane, Kian, Mark and Nicky will kick off their Twenty Tour at Belfast’s SSE Arena in May.

This will follow the release of a brand new album later this year.

And the tour will wrap with their two huge dates at Croke Park in Dublin in July.