'Blurryface' finished as 2016's top rock album on Billboard's year-end charts; the duo will follow it with the just-announced LP 'Trench' on Oct. 5.

Twenty One Pilots aren’t here for the pop game. When 2015’s Blurryface took off and produced two top five singles (along with their No. 2-peaking Suicide Squad offering “Heathens”), Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun became accidental pop stars, suburban weirdos whose incendiary, post-genre approach to alternative connected with far more misfits than anyone reasonably expected. Commercial records were set, monocles popped out, and Twenty One Pilots emerged from the Blurryface cycle improbable, yet unquestioned, superstars. 

With the first two tracks shared from the big follow-up, Twenty One Pilots sound mystically unconcerned with following on that crossover success (though there’s a good chance Trench’s commercial figures do, anyway). Released today, twin singles “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” register the high end of what one could have hoped for from the duo post-Blurryface: their aggressive experimentalism sharper, their clunky restlessness smoothed out.