Master KG's Skeleton Move song clinched the 2018 SABC Summer Song of the Year award with a combined 160,295 votes, outsmarting his fellow Limpopo artist King Monada's Malwedhe with just less than 9,000 votes.

According to provisional results seen by Sunday World, Monada only secured 151,101 at the close of voting lines at midday on December 31 2018, as opposed to the previous practice where lines closed at midnight on December 30. 

The list, which was yet to be audited by an independent auditing firm, showed that Master KG was leading with 24,442 votes on December 28 against King Monada's 18,359.

A day later, with more than 100,000 votes cast, Master KG was topping the list with 54,375 while King Monada had garnered 46,837.

However, on December 30, Monada took the lead when he secured 103,540 votes ahead of Master KG's 99,944.

The list showed that Master KG turned the tables on Monada on New Year's Eve, which was the last day of voting when he garnered 60,351 more votes to reach the 160,295 mark.

King Monada, according to the list, only secured 47,561 on the day, taking his tally to 151,101 and losing the crown at the last minute.

The competition's founder and director Owen Ndlovu said the votes were legitimate but said they were still to be audited by an independent audit firm before being released publicly.

"I want to emphasise that no matter how popular you are, the number of followers you have, either on Twitter or other social media outlets, you have to put your fingers on the phone because your popularity and followers alone will never turn into votes unless you urge people to vote for you."