London’s kwassa discusses his astounding new tracks “moonwalking” and “sad songs,” as well as what’s on the horizon for him, his artistic evolution, and more!

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Having already built a devoted following with his collection of effervescent indie pop anthems under the moniker of kyko, Scott Verrill adopted the new moniker of kwassa in 2018 for the release of his stunning single “moonwalking.” The track effortlessly enthrals with breezy yet buoyant production, which serves as the perfect complement for his insightfully introspective lyricism. Deeply delving into that life-affirming feeling of finding a connection that shatters your preconceived notions of what love is, “moonwalking” serves as an intoxicatingly enticing glimpse of what to expect from kwassa.

sad songs - kwassa

sad songs – kwassa

Building on the momentum garnered from “moonwalking,” kwassa unleashed “sad songs” on the 29th of February via Warner Bros Records. The track’s addictingly catchy chorus beautifully manages to wrap itself around every inch of your brain, while the track’s production exudes euphoric energy and organic originality. To accompany “sad songs,” kwassa dropped a sad songs mixtape on Spotify containing a wide array of sensational tracks including Joel Baker’s “What’s A Song,” Lorde’s “Liability” and Troye Sivan’s “Postcard.” It’s safe to say that the name change was boisterously bold move but, thankfully, the risk more than pays off, with “sad songs” and “moonwalking” serving as Scott’s best work yet.

With a London date on the horizon at the Borderline this May, Atwood Magazine caught up with kwassa to discuss his incredible new tracks, the rationale behind his new change, what we can expect from him in the future & more!

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