YouTube creators and Twitch streamers have been performing terrible a capella covers of popular songs in hilarious attempts to get around YouTube’s widely criticized copyright strike system.

In recent months, YouTube creators have run into copyright issues while making TikTok reaction videos, where they collect cringey TikTok clips and either react or provide commentary on them. But those TikTok videos contain music from artists signed to labels like Sony and Warner, and those labels will issue copyright claims, preventing creators from monetizing their videos.

To work around that, creators like Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner have started replacing the music with their own singing. Gonzalez and Conner half-heartedly sing songs like Linkin Park’s “In The End” and Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” while the corresponding TikTok video plays on screen. Both creators explain in their videos why they’re singing instead of playing back the music, with Conner joking, “I think that makes it better.” It’s a little painful to hear, but ultimately a very fun loophole in the copyright system that YouTube has to enforce.